Woke Up!

By Yusuf Misdaq

I'm a digeridoo
   A yoo-hoo
     Flag me down 
   Iron print leopard pungent 

     Frisking over in the new age of reason
Unlocking ourselves from prison and 
     Downtiding to a risk-free religion

Trophies for everyone! 
   No-oone will catch fire
Everyone safe from monsters
   of our parents generation

A new leaf
   A new undergiver 
 A fine line
A chiseled, slapped-on freedom where
 None can lose and 
          We'll keep quiet about winners. 

A figure 8 of avoiding hate

A paper thin lake of ice, let's skate

Our rich new country will last forever
Like the word bae
And shoulder pads. 


December 16th, 2022. California.